Fallout 76 Public Workshops are special locations where players may interact with Crafting benches in Appalachia. Some Public Workshops are available for discovery and use throughout West Virginia. These are unlocked through combat - either by clearing the area or contesting another player's ownership. Those eager to optimize their gear should be on the lookout for these special locations.


What are Fallout 76 Workshops

  • Use workshops to engage in Crafting. Public Workshops provide free building materials for crafting workbenches, building defenses against other players or enemy creatures, or experimenting with structures to create new Blueprints. 
  • You will need to learn Crafting Recipes to learn how to make special Armor, Weapons and Mods.
  • Armor Workbench - use to craft Armor and Outfits
  • Weapons Workbench - use to craft Weapons
  • Chemistry Station - used for Crafting drinks, Crafting ammo and fusion cores,Crafting aid items and Metals smelting.
  • Cooking Station - used for foods
  • Tinker's workbench- used to craft ammunition, grenades and mines. Plans for this are rewarded after completing Second Helpings.
  • Power Armor Station - mod or add Power Armor pieces.
  • You can salvage parts from Junk, which yield the Materials you need for crafting.
  • A portable, customizable CAMP will act as your more permanent base of operations.
  • Public Workshops differ from your C.A.M.P in that while your C.A.M.P is yours alone, Public Workshops can accommodate teams of players working together, building on the experimentation and designs of those before them


Challenges related to workshops

Can also be a source of Atoms by completing the followings challenges  :



Where to find Fallout 76 Workshops


A map of Appalachia showing all workshops of Fallout 76



All Public Workshops by Region


Toxic Valley Region


Hemlock Holes Maintenance Workshop:

Toxic Valley Region


Grafton Steel Yard Workshop:

The Forest Region


Tyler County Dirt Track Workshop:

The Forest Region


Gorge Junkyard Workshop:


The Forest Region


Billings Homestead Workshop:

The Forest Region


Lakeside Cabins Workshop:


Ash Heap Region


Charleston Landfill Workshop:

Ash Heap Region


Mount Blair Workshop:

Savage Divide Region


Red Rocket Mega Stop Workshop:


Savage Divide Region


Spruce Knob Workshop:

Savage Divide Region


Federal Disposal Field HZ21 Workshop:

The Mire Region


Thunder Mt. Power Plant Yard Workshop:

The Mire Region


Berkeley Spring West Workshop:


Forest Region


Wade Airport Workshop:

Ash Heap Region


Beckley Mine Workshop:

Savage Divide Region


Converted Munitions Factory Workshop:

The Mire Region


Dabney Homestead Workshop:


The Mire Region


Dolly Sods Workshop:

Cranberry Bog Region


Abandoned Bog Town Workshop:




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