Fallout 76 Melee Weapons. Melee Weapons in Fallout 76 includes a wide variety of one-handed and two-handed devices of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes some melee weapon types have unique features like the Shishkebab which has Flame damage.  Makeshift Warrior perk is required to craft higher tier melee weapons,  Gladiator/Expert Slugger perks can boost your melee weapon damage.



Melee Weapons Weapons of FO76


Fallout 76 Melee Weapons

 * weapons marked with asterisk are rumored weapons

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Type Name Damage Speed Weight Value
Two-Handed Melee 2076_World_Series_Baseball_Bat-icon.png 2076 World Series Baseball Bat Damage30 Slow 3 ??
One-Handed Melee Ancient Blade Damage24 (Ballistic) Medium 3 61
One-Handed Melee Assaultron Blade Damage32 (Ballistic) Medium 3 57
Two-Handed Melee baseball_bat-icon.png Baseball Bat Damage35 (Ballistic) Slow 3 20
One-Handed Melee Blade of Bastet Damage53 (Ballistic) Medium 3 65
Two-Handed Melee board-icon.png Board Damage31 (Ballistic) Slow 3 8
One-Handed Melee Bowie Knife Damage17 (Ballistic) Fast 1 28
One-Handed Melee Camden Whacker * Damage6 (Ballistic) Medium 2 20
Two-Handed Melee Chainsaw Damage1 (Ballistic) 45 12 101
One-Handed Melee Chinese_Officer_Sword-icon.png Chinese Officer Sword Damage25 (Ballistic) Medium 3 41
One-Handed Melee Combat Knife Damage15 (Ballistic) Fast 1 20
One-Handed Melee Commie Whacker Damage6 (Ballistic) Medium 2 20
One-Handed Melee Cultist Blade Damage29 (Ballistic) Medium 3 12
One-Handed Melee Cultist Dagger Damage20 (Ballistic) Fast 1 20
One-Handed Melee Drill Damage22 (Ballistic) Very Fast 2.4 84
Two-Handed Melee Fire Axe Damage42 (Ballistic) Slow 3 12
Two-Handed Melee Golf Club Damage31 (Ballistic) Slow 3 20
One-Handed Melee Grant's Saber Damage26 (Ballistic) Medium 3 49
Two-Handed Melee Grohnak's Axe Damage40 (Ballistic) Medium 10 81
One-Handed Melee Guitar Sword Damage40 (Ballistic) Medium 3 45
One-Handed Melee Hatchet Damage22 (Ballistic) Medium 3 12
One-Handed Melee Combat_Knife-icon.png Knife Damage12 Fast 1 ??
One-Handed Melee Lead_Pipe-icon.png Lead Pipe Damage17 (Ballistic) Medium 3 12
One-Handed Melee Machete-icon.png Machete Damage22 (Ballistic) Medium 2 20
One-Handed Melee Meteorite sword Damage36 (Ballistic) Medium 0.3 122
Two-Handed Melee Mr. Handy Buzz Blade Damage51 (Ballistic) Very Fast 10 41
Two-Handed Melee Multi-purpose Axe Damage31 (Ballistic) Slow 4 32
One-Handed Melee Nailer * Damage32 (Ballistic) Medium 3 24
Two-Handed Melee Pickaxe Damage37 (Ballistic) Slow 3.5 117
One-Handed Melee Pipe_Wrench-icon.png Pipe Wrench Damage24 (Ballistic) Medium 2 24
Two-Handed Melee Pitchfork Damage24 (Ballistic) Medium 2 12
Two-Handed Melee Pole Hook Damage46 (Ballistic) Slow 7 36
Two-Handed Melee Pool_Cue-icon.png Pool Cue Damage31 (Ballistic) Slow 1 8
Two-Handed Melee Protest Sign Damage11 (Ballistic) Slow 3 1
One-Handed Melee Revolutionary_Sword-icon.png Revolutionary Sword Damage25 (Ballistic) Medium 3 41
One-Handed Melee Ripper-icon.png Ripper Damage4 (Ballistic) Very Fast 6 41
One-Handed Melee Rolling_Pin-icon.png Rolling Pin Damage15 (Ballistic) Medium 1 8
One-Handed Melee security_baton-iconSecurity Baton Damage23 (Ballistic) Medium 2 12
One-Handed Melee Shishkebab-icon.png Shishkebab Damage41 (Ballistic), 37 (Energy) Medium 3 97
Two-Handed Melee Shovel Damage17 (Ballistic) Slow 6 32
One-Handed Melee Sickle Damage22 (Ballistic) Medium 3 12
One-Handed Melee Ski Sword Damage35 (Ballistic) Medium 3 12
Two-Handed Melee Sledgehammer-icon.png Sledgehammer Damage46 (Ballistic) Slow 12 32
Two-Handed Melee Spear Damage25 (Ballistic) Medium 2 32
Two-Handed Melee Super_Sledge-icon.png Super Sledge Damage77 (Ballistic) Slow 20 89
One-Handed Melee Switchblade-icon.png Switchblade Damage28 (Ballistic) Fast 1 16
One-Handed Melee Tire_Iron-icon.png Tire Iron Damage22 (Ballistic) Medium 2 20
One-Handed Melee Walking_Cane-icon.png Walking Cane Damage22 (Ballistic) Medium 2 8
Two-Handed Melee War Drum Damage45 (Ballistic) Slow 20 93
Punching Weapon Boxing_Glove-icon.png Boxing Glove Damage23 (Ballistic) Medium 1 17
Punching Weapon Death Tambo Damage28 (Ballistic) Medium 0.5 49
Punching Weapon Deathclaw_Gauntlet-icon.png Deathclaw Gauntlet Damage48 (Ballistic) Medium 10 69
Punching Weapon Knuckles-icon.png Knuckles Damage17 (Ballistic) Medium 0.5 8
Punching Weapon Meat Hook Damage25 (Ballistic) Medium 2 16
Punching Weapon Mole Miner Gauntlet Damage33 (Ballistic) Medium 15 91
Punching Weapon Power_Fist-icon.png Power Fist    Damage48 (Ballistic) Medium 4 81



Fallout 76 Other Melee Weapons


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Name Damage Fire Rate Range Accuracy Weight Value
Binoculars Damage7 (Ballistic) 1 117 88 2 5

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