Fallout 76 Public Events are special activities that players may participate in to obtain special rewards. As you wander the wastelands of Appalachia you'll encounter public events, where you can join in with other players to tackle a major enemy, waves of foes or achieve an objective. Public events are different to Quest and Side Missions - they are basically community quests that can be taken on by anyone (not just those in your party) on the server, as long as they're nearby. 

Some events are tied to certain locations, while others occur in random areas. The Protectron Horde Event, for example, simply involves eliminating every enemy Protectron in whichever area the event spawns. 


Types of Public Events

 There are a number of different kinds of public events:

  • Wave Defense
  • Escort Missions
  • Elimination
  • Versus
  • PvP

Some of these include extra elements: for example the Powering Up Poseidon Event at the Poseidon Energy Plant requires you to fight of waves of Scorched, but also asks you to run around the plant while you're mowing them down to repair various broken pipes and machines.


How to Trigger Public Events

Triggering Public Events is as simple as entering the area in which they're taking place. Yellow hexagons mark the locations of ongoing Public Events on your map - if you've already discovered the location, you can fast-travel there for a few caps. If you just miss one, you might have to wait a little while for it to restart, but most major locations seem to relaunch as soon as you enter the area. 

Sometimes enemies will attack your base and you'll receive a notification to get home and defend - this is another type of event, which is completed when you successfully repel the enemies from your base.

Event Rewards

Rewards for Public Events seem to be random, and range from Weapons and Ammo to helpful items like Stimpaks and RadAway, as well as plans to teach you new items to build around your C.A.M.P. Fallout 76 seems to be creating an environment where resources are much harder to gain, so these events can provide a great source of new items.

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