Crafting in Fallout 76 is a major component of the game's progression, providing players with ways to improve and Mod their Armor and Weapons, create safe foods and drinks, build and upgrade a home and myriad other things. Scrapping found items can provide raw Materials that can be re-purposed using Crafting. Materials are found all over the Wasteland, but you can get a better idea of what items turn into what Materials on the Materials page.

How to craft better weapons guide

You can make or modify your weapons at Weapons Workbench, however, you need to obtain mod recipes first. The simplest way to grab modification recipes is to scrap weapons. (Note, the results of scrapping weapons are randomized, scrapping a legendary weapon does not guarantee good mod recipes.) You need tier 5 Gunsmith perk to craft Tier 5 guns. Science Master perk to craft tier 3 Energy Guns and Energy Gun mods. Super Duper perk can double results.

How to craft better armor guide

Similar to weapons, you can make or modify your armor at Armor Workbench. You need Armorer perk to craft advanced armor mods, Power Smith perk to craft mods for power armor. Super Duper perk can double results.


Fallout 76 Crafting


Crafting Recipes


Weapon Mods

Armor Mods




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