Combat in Fallout 76 will be covered in this page. Combat in Fallout 76 is very similar to the other former games of the Fallout series in recent history in which is the fast-paced action that includes both range and melee combat. In this fast-paced system, the player has the ability to switch between 1st person and 3rd person at any time whichever the most suitable.





Unlike the previous Fallout games, the V.A.T.S or Vault-Tech Assisted Targeting System which allows for automated targeting and is defined by in-game skills stats would be much more different in Fallout 76. The formula of V.A.T.S which slows or stops time to enter the commands that would lead to attack is as described by recent reports tweaked to be more suitable for the online play environment that Fallout 76 is placed in

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