Fallout 76 Companions are different than in previous Fallout games, since this time around the wasteland does not include NPCs. In Fallout 76, you can team up with other players, and there won't be Human NPCs to join your party. For competitive interactions with other players, please see the PvP page.


Fallout 76 Companions


Benefits of Grouping in FO76

Even if NPC companions are not available, players should look for player companions to join their party in order to obtain certain benefits. For example, after upgrading your Charisma to level 3, you can share perks with your team, boosting everyone. Another benefit is the possiblity to freely fast travel to any of your companions, making it easy to get around the game's huge map.


How to Group up in Fallout 76

Players can join each other for cooperative grouping and make teams of up to 4 players. In order to join a team, simply use the navigation wheel to select the other player and proceed with the invitation process. Alternatively, you can invite others to your party via the built-in systems in Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

You can also select "Play As a Team" from the starting screen to automatically join your group if they are online.

Player Communication in Fallout 76

The game does not feature a typed chat, instead focusing on "proximity" voice. This means all players who wish to talk to others will need a microphone, and the game does not provide a push-to-talk option. Joining parties via other programs such as discord, or PSN and XBL systems can disable in-game voice and keep it to your group. You can also select if you want to mute specific players by selecting them from the map, or keep voice only to your group from your options menu.

You can also use Emotes to communicate with other players via avatar actions.


Player Trading in Fallout 76

Players can trade items with each other to survive in the Wasteland. This includes the free trade of valuable Crafting Materials such as Adhesive or the like, alongside Weapons, Armor and even Bottlecaps.




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