Fallout 76 Fusion Core Generators are special locations of importance to anyone using Power Armor. As you wander through Appalachia, you will occasionally come across Fusion Core Generators, from which you can salvage Fusion Cores for your Power Armor. 


What are Fusion Core Generators

  • These special power stations have the capacity to yield Fusion Cores, that is used as an energy resource for Power Armor. Knowing where these generators are is crucial to navigating the vast lands ahead.
  • The Perk Full Charge will make it so sprinting in your Power Armor consumes less energy
  • The Perk Power User will make it so your Fusion Core lasts longer


Where to find Fusion Core Generators


A map of Appalachia showing all Fusion Core Generators of Fallout 76


The Forest Region


WV Lumber Co. Fusion Generator: In the Lumber Mill basement

The Forest Region


Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant Fusion Generator: On the roof of the Plant

The Forest Region


Charleston Capitol Building Fusion Generator: In the Capitol Building basement

Toxic Valley Region


Wavy Willard's Water Park Fusion Generator: In the maintenance tunnels


Cranberry Bog Region


Monorail Elevator Fusion Generator: At elevator base 

The Forest Region


Arktos Pharma: In a small room above the garage.

The Forest Region


Ammo Dump: North of the observatory, by the road, in a power armor frame.


The Forest Region


Wade Airport: On a desk in the traffic control tower.

The Forest Region


Hornwright Industries: Available after you complete Motherlode – one in a power armor frame, one in a generator.

The Forest Region


Poseidon Power Plant – Sometimes spawn near the Fusion Core Processor.

The Ash Heap Region


Belching Betty: In the basement, on a filing cabinet.


The Ash Heap Region


Abandoned Mine Shaft 5: In a generator.

The Savage Divide Region


Palace of the Winding Path: In Employees area, near the kitchen. 

The Savage Divide Region


Converted Munitions Factory: In employee's area, behind a door with danger sign. 

Example Region


Generator location




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