Here you'll find all those helpful hints that can make life so much easier in the post-apocalyptic wastelands - from remembering to use your favorites wheel efficiently to the best ways to level up or arrange your C.A.M.P site! 

Gameplay Tips

Always Online

Don't forget that in contrast to previous Fallout games, 76 is online, so time doesn't freeze when you open your Pip-Boy. Use your D-pad when possible to minimize the time you can't see what's going on around you. 

Use your favorites!

Favorite items you use regularly, such as Food or Weapons, and they'll populate your favorites wheel for easy usage without having to fumble around in your inventory in tense situations. 

Know the "Search" Function!

Perks like Scrounger and Pharma Farma are not passively active - you need to activate them! When searching an empty container with the perk equipped, press (Y on Xbox, SPACE on PC, and TRIANGLE on PS4), and the container's contents might reset based on your perk's level, with the items that your perk details.

Get to grips with your World Map

In Fallout 76, the World Map has been brought out of your Pip-Boy and into glorious full-screen color, and now includes new options such as Photomode and the Social Menu. The World Map also shows the rough locations of other players, allowing you to meet new friends, or avoid others, as you wish. 

Keep it light

There's lots to find and pick up around the map and before long you'll most likely find yourself overencumbered. When overencumbered you cannot Sprint, nor Fast Travel, but you can still jump and move at your normal running speed. However, moving around as normal while overencumbered costs Action Points, and once those run out you'll be slowed to a snail's pace. 

  • Lower your weight by dropping some items, scrapping items at any Workbenches you come across, or by placing your C.A.M.P nearby and stashing things away for later. 

Get involved!

For most Events, PvP play is disabled by default, and the intention is for players to be able to drop into an ongoing event and immediately be a part of the teamwork. Everyone involved wins or loses together and rewards are shared equally to encourage cooperation. The events are ideally completed in groups, though they are possible to beat solo. 

  • A few Events are specifically designed with PvP play in mind, but players must opt into these - you won't be surprised to find yourself suddenly in the middle of an event war!

Fast Travel anywhere you've been before

You can fast-travel to any location you've already visited - the further it is, the more Caps it will cost you.

  • Fast-travelling to your C.A.M.PVault 76 or to members of your party is free, so you can always catch up with your friends, or find your way home. 

But did you die?

When you're taken out by your enemies, other players can revive you if they're quick enough and have a Stimpak to spare. If they don't manage to get to you in time, you can choose a respawn location from the World Map. 

  • When you die, all of the Junk (eg. building components etc) will drop and when you respawn, you'll get a new quest to go and retrieve it. 
  • The Perk Card system has cards which, when applied, grant special bonuses to the reviver or the revivee, allow the player to revive others using booze, or even summon the Mysterious Stranger...

Look out for Supply Drops

Supply Drops are sent out by a Pre-War automated system built by the emergency services of Appalachia, built to allow people to request vital supply air drops from their government. Now, as you wander the wastelands, you'll occasionally find a US Government Supply Requisition Holotape - get one of those to a Radio Tower and you can call in a Supply Drop.

  • Watch your back - calling in a supply drop may attract enemy AI... or even other players looking for a piece of the action. 

Change your look any time

You can change your looks at any time by opening the Start Menu and navigating to Character Customization.

Some outfits have bonuses to certain stats!

A lot of people seem to forget that some outfits actually have stat bonuses, and so they miss out on a great piece of clothing. Remember to check each outfit you pick up, so that the bonus isn't looked over!

Wear what you like, as well as what you need!

Outfits and hats offer no defensive bonuses (other than gasmasks), so for once looking good doesn't mean sacrificing armor value.



C.A.M.P Tips

Scavenge everything

Collect everything you find - lots of it will be useful and everything else can be scrapped. Scrapped weapons and junk take up less space in storage and you can learn new mods for scrapped weapons.

Start with the basics

Make sure you build the basic resource and modification stations - you can do lots of helpful stuff there like repairing and modifying items.


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