Currency atoms-currency-atomic-shop-fallout-76-wiki-guide Atoms

Fallout 76 Atoms are an in-game currency that allows players to purchase cosmetic items from the Atomic Store. All your Atoms, as well as your purchases, will be shared across your entire account


How to Get Atoms in Fallout 76

  • You can earn atoms-currency-atomic-shop-fallout-76-wiki-guide Atoms by completing Challenges, some of which are repeatable daily and weekly.
  • Alternatively you can purchase Atoms by spending real money, following the following exchange rate:
atoms-currency-atomic-shop-fallout-76-wiki-guide Atoms USD EUR GBP
10 Atoms ?? ?? ??
50 Atoms ?? ?? ??
100 Atoms ?? ?? ??
500 Atoms ?? ?? ??


What can you Buy with Atoms?

  • See the Atomic Shop page for items available.
  • Items bought with Atoms do not offer any advantages and are purely cosmetic.
  • Please note the store is dynamic and will refresh and change as developers release new content.

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