Fallout 76 Blueprints are special schematics that allow players to craft special items. These blueprints are important to the building and development of CAMP, so play an integral part in survival of the Wasteland.


What are Fallout 76 Blueprints or Plans?

Blueprints also allow players to save the layout of their C.A.M.P. This means that should a player want to move their base, or should a nuke wipe them off the face of West Virginia, rebuilding in a new locale is not quite such a chore as it otherwise might have been. Simply lay your C.A.M.P down in your new spot, and as long as you have the resources to rebuild everything, it'll be back up in a jiffy!

  • Plans are essentially schematics, conferring on the player the ability to construct or build new items, workshop objects, and more.
  • Plans can be found in various containers across Appalachia, as rewards for Quests, or looted from the bodies of dead Enemies, such as Feral Ghouls.



Building Blueprints List

Building has a larger focus in Fallout 76 than previous games, partly due to the new need to defend your stuff from other players. Here you will find a list of Building Blueprints available in Fallout 76.

Name Type
Barn Building Set World Object
Backyard Grill World Object
Chemistry Workbench World Object
Later Water Purifier World Object
Lion Statues World Object
Mattress World Object
Metal Bench World Object
Modern Paintings World Object
Potted Plant World Object
Safety Posters World Object
Vault-Boy World Object
Vault-Girl World Object
Vault-Tec cardboard standees World Object
Vault-Tec Bed 2 World Object
Vault-Tec World Standees World Object
VTU Statue World Object
Water Pump World Object
Large Tent World Object
Small Tent World Object
Port-a-Potty World Object

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