Fallout 76 NPCs are non-player characters who provide certain benefits or  are integral to the plot. Before Wastelander DLC, the game did not feature traditional NPCs, as all the inhabitants of Appalachia were real player survivors. The game did, however, provide means for players to interact with a Shop, and handle quest-giving via certain Robots.

In Wastelander DLC, many new NPCs were added to the game, including several companions/allies.


Fallout 76 NPCs

Raider characters 

Settler characters

Secret Service characters

Blue Ridge Caravan Company characters

Free Radical characters

Miscellaneous characters



Robots are artificial creatures encountered in West Virginia. They are used as storytellers and will often offer a quest to players, but some of them are hostile towards survivors.



  • Recalibrated liberator (Added in Wastelander)



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