"The Overseer is scouting Appalachia looking for a way to secure the nuclear silos. I should look for any logs that she leaves behind."

- Overseer's Mission


Where to find the Overseer's Logs

Image Name Location Region How to find it Related Quests
  Overseer's Log: Allegheny        
location_placeholder Overseer's Log: C.A.M.P

Overseer's Camp

The Forest

Found at the Overseer's Camp just south of Vault 76.

First Contact

  Overseer's Log: Camp Venture        
  Overseer's Log: Charleston  Charleston Capital Building   Inside door when you walk in.  
  Overseer's Log: Firehouse        
location_placeholder Overseer's Log: Flatwoods Responders' Command and Trade PostFlatwoods The Forest This tape is in the overseer's cache trunk. First Contact
  Overseer's Log: Fort Defiance Fort Defiance      
location_placeholder Overseer's Log: Free States Abbie's Bunker The Mire The tape is in an overseer's cache, just outside of the bunker.  
  Overseer's Log: Grafton Grafton    The tape is in an overseer’s cache inside the Grafton’s mayors office   
location_placeholder Overseer's Log: McClintock Camp McClintock The Forest The tape is in the main building, in an overseer's cache.  Overseer's Mission
location_placeholder Overseer's Log: Morgantown Morgantown Airport Terminal The Forest The tape is on the second floor near the Responders' HQ Terminal, in an overseer's cache.  Final Departure
location_placeholder Overseer's Log: Mountainside Mountainside Bed and Breakfast   The tape is on a table on the porch of the B&B. First Contact
location_placeholder Overseer's Log: Grafton Grafton Toxic Valley In an overseer's cache trunk beside the Grafton Mayor. Overseer's Mission
location_placeholder Overseer's Log: Site Alpha Site Alpha The Savage Divide  In an overseer’s cache inside of  build right outside of elevator   Overseer’s Mission
  Overseer's Log: Site Bravo  Site Bravo  The Savage Divide In an overseer’s cache inside of build right outside of elevator    Overseer’s Mission
location_placeholder Overseer's Log: Site Charlie Site Charlie The Savage Divide In an overseer’s cache inside of build right outside of elevator  Overseer’s Mission
location_placeholder Overseer's Log: Top of the World Top of the World The Savage Divide This tape can be found in an overseer's cache trunk in front of the elevator doors. Overseer's Mission



Overseer's Log: Vault 76 Vault 76      


Overseer's Logs Transcripts

Overseer's Log: Vault 76

"Overseer's log or should I say direct communication? Because whoever is listening to this had the moxie to try to find out where I've gone. But I'm glad you did. Truth is I need your help. I've been given a task, and I've decided to break protocol and tell you what it is. Because if there's one thing I've learned in these past few years, it's that we need to rely on each other. There were three active nuclear silos in Appalachia before the bombs fell. They blew up the world before. We can't let it happen again. So we've got to locate and secure all of the silos or die trying, hopefully the former. But it's been twenty five years. I just don't know what we're gonna find out there or where to start. My directive was to go to the nearest population center and assess the situation. I'll set up a camp on the way once I get my bearings. Find me there."

Overseer's Log: C.A.M.P

"Overseer's log, south of Vault 76. I...I knew this wasn't going to be the Appalachia I remembered, but... mutated animals? Haywire bots? No people so far. We have to be ready to rebuild in... what I can confirm is hostile territory. Fortunately, Vault-Tec was prepared. You see this? The cooking station, the stash box? the workbenches? All built with the C.A.M.P. You need a home base out there. The construction and assembly mobile platform is designed to give you one. Just add resources, planning, and a little elbow grease. When you move your camp everything you've build is stored, ready to be place back down in the new area. Use this to establish a foothold whenever you're in unfamiliar territory. I've left my C.A.M.P. behind so you can use it. I know I'm breaking my own advice by not taking it with me. But after seeing Appalachia for myself, I need to make sure every resident of 76 has a safe haven they can start from. I'll make do without it. If it's still standing, the town of Flatwoods is further down this road. Find me there. This is the Overseer, signing off."


Overseer's Log: Flatwoods

 "Overseer's log. Town of Flatwoods.
My God... there's no one here. The old tavern, the church. People were using them for shelter, but... they're gone.
Mutations we expected, but there's something else... a disease. I was attacked by... well, it used to be a person.
But it had these green, glowing lesions. And its voice... Angry, tortured. "We are one." One what?
Whatever happened here is beyond anything we expected. And we expected a lot.
Before they were wiped out, the survivors called themselves the Responders. Looks like they were made of firefighters, police, emergency medical staff.
They even have an automated system to teach people about treating water, food, survival.
I'm doing their tests, and you should too.
I know it's even worse than we imagined. But someone's got to know where the missile silos are and how to secure them.
The Responders are the best lead we have. This is the Overseer, signing off."

Overseer's Log: Free States

"Overseer's log. Free States Bunker.
Sam Blackwell and Raleigh Clay. Those damn traitors and their secessionists turned their backs of America to form their "Free States."
Concrete bunkers. You'd never get that past a Vault-Tec radiation proofing inspection, that's for sure.
Sounds like they let go of their paranoia to seek out help from the other survivors. Just have to hack this terminal, see what they left behind in there and what they wanted to do."


Overseer's Log: McClintock

"Overseer's log. Camp McClintock.
Whew. Maybe I'm going crazy, but it was nice to put on the uniform and play cadet with a bunch of robot drill sergeants.
I actually think I learned a thing or two about marksmanship.
I wonder, now that I'm in the Army, is my official title Overseer Private or Private Overseer?
Time to see I can fool a few automated identification systems."

Overseer's Log: Morgantown

"Overseer's log. Morgantown.
I used to love coming here on weekends. Taking flight lessons. Now it feels like I walking into a nightmare.
These "Scorched" things are everywhere. I kept quiet... they didn't see me... I managed to observe them for a bit.
Whatever this disease is, it seems to completely take over its host.
The ones that used to be human, eventually they... go rigid. Like some kind of stasis.
And if they stay like that for too long, they sort of... burn up. From the inside out. Vesuvius in reverse."


Overseer's Log: Mountainside

"Overseer's Log. Somewhere in the mountains.
Not good, not good, not good.
Let's just try not to... trying to focus, but the pain is unreal.
So bad, I wanted to do this now while I still can, I'm-I'm-I'm afraid I might pass out.
Was attacked by some kind of... I-I-I think it was wearing a gas mask... a heavy coat, but, but not human, not human.
No stimpaks left... Funny joke in here about...
This is the Overseer, signing off, hopefully not for the last time."

Overseer's Log: Grafton

"Overseer's Log. Grafton.
The "mayor" of Grafton used to be the automated assistant, and it's gone completely mad. Still trying to run the town. Even holds elections for itself.
We built these machines to do things without us... and they have. It might be useful if I played along."


Overseer's Log: Site Alpha

"Overseer's Log. Missile Site Alpha.
No one's here. Not even any military survivors. That might be for the best. I don't think Vault-Tec asserting jurisdiction over the nukes would've gone over well.
But, that also means I'm locked out. Access is restricted to the highest ranking officers. It's not going to be easy to fool.
If we can't secure these sites... My god... the automated factory in the silo... Just how many nukes can it make?"

Overseer's Log: Site Charlie

“I've now verified that all three missile silos still have fully operational security. No way inside, yet, but I'll scour all of Appalachia if I have to.“


Overseer's Log: Top of the World

"Overseer's log. Top of the World.
There's someone in control of this old ski resort, and if I ever find her, I'm going to wash her mouth out with the first thing vaguely resembling soup I can get my hands on. *exasperated grunt of disgust*
Selfish. That's the word. Maybe that's why she's alone. Maybe that's why she's survived. But the only way she'll tell me what she knows is if I help her first.
All the good people I've learned about who've died, and it's the sociopath who still gets to live..."

Overseer's Log: Charleston

“Overseer's log. Charleston Capitol. If automation still rules West Virginia, then Charleston is the heart of the machine. Bureaucracy still pumping away, without any people to serve. There's a lesson there somewhere. Dealing with these terminal systems like it's just a normal day in America is... somewhere between disturbingly comforting and completely insane. But there's a lot of secrets in this old capitol that we'll need to find.“

Overseer's Log: ??


Overseer's Log: ??


Overseer's Log: ??


Overseer's Log: ??


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