The Mire

A swampy bog with medium toxicity hides away valuable resources that only those brave enough might access.
Treasure Maps ??
Bobbleheads ??
Fusion Generators ??
Public Workshops Thunder Mt. Power Plant Yard
Berkeley Spring West

The Mire is one of the Regions of Fallout 76 (FO76). Regions are defined by their individual and varied biomes, as well as their roles before West Virginia became Appalachia. Players can find and access locations within regions via exploration and open up further zones by progressing the Main Story as well as Side Quests.


Quests & Events in The Mire

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Challenges in The Mire

World Challenges:


Enemies in The Mire


Notable Loot in The Mire



Locations within The Mire



The Mire Gallery


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