Toxic Valley

An abandoned amusement park proposes an ironic setting for an inhospitable region littered with toxic water and fumes.
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Fusion Core Generators Wavy Willard's Water Park
Public Workshops Hemlock Holes Maintenance
Grafton Steel Yard

Toxic Valley is one of the Regions of Fallout 76 (FO76). Regions are defined by their individual and varied biomes, as well as their roles before West Virginia became Appalachia. Players can find and access locations within regions via exploration, and open up further zones by progressing the Main Story as well as Side Quests.


Quests & Events in Toxic Valley


Challenges in The Toxic Valley

World Challenges:


Enemies in Toxic Valley


Notable Loot in Toxic Valley



Locations within Toxic Valley



Power Armor Spawn Locations in this Region

Toxic Valley The Crosshair Raider: Standing in the narrow alcove, just above the cooking station.
Toxic Valley Eastern Regional Penitentiary Standing in the Power Armor Station, inside the mechanic's warehouse in the middle of the prison yard.
Toxic Valley Clarksburg Raider: In the upper mechanic's room, next to a green trunk chest, in the small engine repair shop (brick tower), accessed via the roof and fire escape steps.
Toxic Valley Black Bear Lodge Inside the exterior small red barn with the fallen tree on it, standing between a barrel and chevron road sign.
Toxic Valley Crashed Space Station Raider: Southeast, on the upper edge of the crater, standing outside a compact lookout shack (with a Jangles the Moon Monkey inside).
Region Location Power Armor Location Description



Toxic Valley Gallery


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Toxic Valley Treasure Maps has a list of all possible special container locations for this region of Fallout 76. The treasure maps can be obtained at random as loot, and their destination containers can be found even if the map is not in your possession. 


Toxic Valley Treasure Maps

Toxic Valley region has a total of 4 treasure maps for players to find. Below you can find the maps themselves, as well as a custom-made map that shows you their locations so you can solve these puzzles.

Click this map for a larger version

Toxic Valley Treasure Map


TreasureMaps.pngToxic Valley Treasure Map 01

Toxic Valley Treasure Map 01

TreasureMaps.pngToxic Valley Treasure Map 02

Toxic Valley Treasure Map 02



TreasureMaps.pngToxic Valley Treasure Map 03

Toxic Valley Treasure Map 03

TreasureMaps.pngToxic Valley Treasure Map 04

Forest Treasure Map 04






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