The Scorched Plague

Type Fungus
Effect Turns victims into Scorched, Death
Infectivity Contact with Scorchedbeast, Petrified Corpses
Cure Yes

The Scorched Plague in Fallout 76 is a special type of disease, with more severe consequences than most others. This plague is a primary plot device and the reason that the Factions that inhabited Appalachia before Reclamation Day were exterminated.


General Information

The Scorched Plague is a plague that is responsible for the existence of the Scorched and Scorchedbeasts in Appalachia. The plague is believed to be the man-made creation of those in Arktos Pharma using native fungus found underground, according to some research logs found in the aforementioned facility.

It is believed to be the cause of the lack of locals in Appalachia, as most inhabitants were either infected or killed by the infected.



When an individual is infected by the Scorched Plague, they develop small green crystals that protrude out of their bodies. Their skin deteriorates, and are left to become a shadow of their past self and part of a hive mindset.



Proceed on the Responders' the main questline and complete the Innoculation quest to become permanately immune to the Scorch. 

Effect on Bunker 76 Vault Dwellers

Players can also contract the Scorched Plague, but to a lesser degree. If a player comes in contact with a Scorchedbeast or a Petrified Corpse (much smaller chance) and contracts the plague, a timer counting down 10 minutes will appear on their HUD. If you don't locate and utilize a cure before the timer goes off, you'll turn into an uncontrollable Scorched yourself and drop all your Junk where you transformed. The agonizing bit will be having to wait 2 whole minutes for your Scorched-self to petrify, unless you get lucky and another Vault Dweller puts you out of your misery. When you respawn you can return to your initial death location and reclaim your dropped belongings, if they aren't taken already.

Other factors that vary the time taken for you to transform:

  • Radiation Exposure
  • Mutations
  • Carrying other Diseases


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