Free Radicals

The Free Radicals, is a raider faction lead by Roper.

Fallout 76 Free Radicals is one of the many Factions of the game. Factions are special groups and allegiances that the player may observe, join or aspire to during gameplay.


"A band of ex-cons hailing from Maryland, the Free Radicals are a raider group holed up in the old WV Lumber Co. building. Once inhabited by a garrison of super mutants, Roper and his gang managed to clear them out and establish a new base of operations.

Though weak at hunting and farming, they have found a solution in extorting settlements and businesses, such as Daniel's group, for food in exchange for protection. They are also particularly interested in "The Treasure of Appalachia," and have men searching for it 24/7."


Free Radicals Quests

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