Just before the bombs fell, US leadership re-located to a remote Oil Rig off the coast of San Francisco. The Enclave's mission – to re-establish governmental control of America from key locations, like a secret bunker hidden somewhere deep in Appalachia...

Fallout 76 Enclave is one of the many Factions of the game. Factions are special groups and allegiances that the player may observe, join or aspire to during gameplay.


"The Enclave, an isolated organization known as the last concentrated bastion of pure, unmutated humanity and holds the most technologically advanced facilities out of all the factions in Appalachia.


Enclave Quests

Where to find the Enclave

A pre-war elite that operated as a shadow government before the nuclear apocalypse, and now claims to be the appointed and legal federal government of the United States of America. Players can find traces of the Enclave in the following locations:


How to Join the Enclave

Joining the Enclave is quite simple, in terms of steps, but rather hard in execution. Follow these steps to get into the Enclave in no time:

  1. East of the Mire, you'll find the Abandoned Waste Dump near Harper's Ferry. Here you'll find an underground Senator's bunker that can be accessed by looting a Deathclaw nest for a holodisk.
  2. From here you can access The Whitespring Resort run by an AI called MODUS.
  3. Doing MODUS's bidding will grant you entry into the Enclave.
  4. Once you've joined the Enclave, you must pass basic soldier training at Camp McClintock in the Forest.

Gaining Full Access:

  • Earn 10 commendations to be promoted to General, which grants clearance into the missile silos. This also gives you access to launch missiles.
  • To earn 10 commendations, you must either:
    • Kill three-star epic creatures or Scorchedbeasts.
    • Complete Enclave Events.


Enclave Rewards

  • Bunker Buster Rewards
    • Deathclaw Gauntlet
  • One of Us Rewards
    • Urban Operative Underarmor
    • Photo Frame: The Enclave
    • Bunker Buster Missle Launcher
    • Plan: Assault Rifle Fierce Receiver
  • Officer on Deck Rewards
    • Last Bastion
    • Enclave Officer Set
  • I Am Become Death Rewards
    • Missile Ammo
  • Achievements & Trophies 1
  • Achievements & Trophies 2


Enclave Holotapes

Listed below are the holotapes related to the Enclave that will allow the players to learn more about the faction's background:



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