I Am Become Death

Type Main Quests
Rewards Missile Ammo
Location The Whitespring Bunker
Previous Quest Officer on Deck
Next Quest Scorched Earth

I Am Become Death is a Main Quest in Fallout 76. The aim of this Main Quest is to complete all the steps to gain access to the Launch Controls, which allow you to launch a Nuke. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



I Am Become Death Objectives

  1. Explore the Whitespring Command Center.
  2. Complete all the Nuclear Training Tutorials.
  3. Speak to MODUS.
  4. Acquire a Nuclear Code Piece.
  5. Search the archives for info on the Launch Code Encryption.
  6. Track down information about the Code Encryption.
  7. Launch a Nuclear Missile.
    1. (Optional) Nuke Fissure Site Prime [8+ Players Recommended].


I Am Become Death Locations


I Am Become Death Enemies

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I Am Become Death Walkthrough


Reigniting Armageddon

In the Whitespring Bunker, within the Military Wing, enter the room that reads "Command" and the doorway that is covered in a grid of lasers. This is unfortunately not a task you can handle alone as you will need a wide scale operation to crack the Launch Codes. However, follow the steps below:


Step 1 - Obtain Nuclear Keycard

Locate a Veribot which is being escorted at a random location in Appalachia. Once you locate it, shoot it down and collect the Nuclear Keycard from the supply box that drops. Be careful when using a keycard, as they are single-use items, whether you successfully launch the Nuke or not.


Step 2 - Obtain Launch Codes

This one's a bit of a rough one, as you'll have to explore the wide landscapes of Appalachia to find a Ghoul or Scorched Officer with a beacon on its back. The good news is that these beacons let out an audio signal that can be heard from quite a long distance away, so once you're in the vicinity, they should be quite easy to locate, if you own a decent pair of headphones.

It gets trickier as there are three separate silos: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie. You need to gather a total of 8 codes of ANY ONE of the silos; this means if you have 5 Alpha codes, 2 Bravos, and 1 Charlie, you will not be able to launch the nuke. If that didn't make matters hard enough, the codes only stay in your inventory for up to a week, up to which point they then disappear.

In terms of the actual order of the codes, it changes weekly. However it is global so if someone's managed to crack the code for the same silo, on the same week as you, then you're in.


Step 3 - Clear the Silos

With Steps 1 & 2 completed, you'll need to rid the silos of all its monstrosities -and believe me, there are a lot! It's another area that is going to require teamwork to make the dream work. Arriving at each of the three silos will prompt a few objectives that need to be completed to access the Launch Consoles, in each respective silo. You'll need to activate each pin on the map inside the command center for each site to be permanently shown on your map.

For a more detailed plan and strategies to get past the ridiculous amount of enemies, check out Mission: Countdown. For a more detailed outline of the best path to take in each silo, check out Rundown.


Step 4 - Nuclear Blast

Now that you've secured the keycard, the codes, and the launch console at your designated silo, you're ready to blow up Appalachia. Once you're there, pick your spot. All of Appalachia is free game, except for the area between Vault 76 and Flatwoods. Choose an area and once you select it, blow it up. The area you chose to damn to hell will become irradiated for a while, and will kill all the players in the area. The blast will also mutate any creatures in the area to make them stronger, however it will also magically blast some better loot into existence there as well.


Crack the Code

  1. Head into the backroom and use the Terminal.
  2. Under Ellen Santiago's archive, you'll find an entry labeled "The Code Pieces" and receive the Fujiniya Facility Password.
    1. You can also use the Surveillance System Terminal in the command room to locate the Nuclear Keycard and Code Pieces.
    2. Using it will trigger the Hide and Seek and Destroy quest.
  3. Gather 8 code pieces for any ONE of the three silos then make your way to Mama Dolce's Food Processing. If you're having a hard time finding it, it's next to Morgantown.
  4. Inspect the outside of the Mama Dolce's Food Processing facility until you find a giant blue pipe with a red hatch on it, and a wooden platform you can use to drop into the area to access it.
  5. Enter the pipe and you'll come across a locked door. Insert the Fujiniya Facility Password to enter the Fujiniya Intelligence Base.
  6. Continue forward until you reach another hatch on the left and take it. Continue down to the bottom floor and to the objective marker.
  7. You'll reach a room with a massive blue machine. Inspect around the the machine and use the Terminal to insert the password you acquired back at the Whitespring Bunker


Notes & Notable Loot

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