Forbidden Knowledge

Type Daily Quest
  • BoS Underarmor Mod
  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid
  • Chance for BoS Clothes
Location  Fort Defiance
Prerequisites Main Quest: Defiance Has Fallen
Time  N/A

Forbidden Knowledge is a Daily Quest in Fallout 76. Daily Quests can provide various rewards from XP to caps.

These quests are displayed under the section "DAILY" of the Pip-Boy. They can be repeated every 24 hours.



Forbidden Knowledge Objectives

  1. Find a place to secure the Technical Schematic


Forbidden Knowledge Locations


Forbidden Knowledge Enemies

  • ????


Forbidden Knowledge Walkthrough

This quest will automatically unlock once you complete the main quest Defiance Has Fallen. Within the quest, you will acquire a technical schematic resulting to potentially a dangerous technology - the main objective is to find a secured location within Camp Venture and hide it.

A quest marker will guide you to a small red storage hatch located on the wall of a basement in Camp Venture. Here Technical Data can be handed in to complete the quest.


Notes & Notable Loot

  • You must complete “Defiance Has Fallen” to gain access to this quest.
  • Confirmed rare rewards:
    • Bomber Jacket
    • Science Scribe Outfit
    • Field Scribe Outfit
    • Brotherhood Scribe Outfit
    • Engineer Outfit
    • Army Fatigues
    • T-60 BOS Initiate Paint
  • A glitch can randomly occurs where when handing in Technical Data a small amount of ammunition is removed from the player's inventory.
  • The numerous desks found in the Enclave military section can be regularly farmed for Technical Data collection.




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