Mistaken Identity

Type Daily Quest
  • Mr. Fuzzy Token
  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item
  • Random Plan, Armor, Mod, or Weapon
  • Possible Legendary Weapon or Legendary Armor

Location Camden Park
Time  N/A

Mistaken Identity is a Daily Quest in Fallout 76. Daily Quests can provide various rewards from XP to caps.

These quests are displayed under the section "DAILY" of the Pip-Boy. They can be repeated every 24 hours.



Mistaken Identity Objectives

  1. Go to the Camden Park Main Entrance
  2. Report for your shift
  3. Put on your uniform
  4. Clock in for your shift
  5. Calibrate Mr. Fuzzy's Games
  6. Go to the Chow Line
  7. Go to the Dross Toss
  8. Go to the Lucky Mucker
  9. Visit the Company Store


Mistaken Identity Locations


Mistaken Identity Enemies

  • ????


Mistaken Identity Walkthrough

To start things off, head over to Camden Park and the quest will automatically be unlocked. Follow the quest marker to find a locker, take out the Camden Park uniform and change into it - afterward, use the time clock next to the door to sign in for your shift.

Once you're done, you will unlock three more daily quests related to Mistaken Identity.


The Chow Line

Head over to Zoe to sign up for the mini-game, The Chow Line. Once you're ready, pick up the paper towel and Zoe will start to bring out the hotdogs - the objective is to eat six moldy hotdogs within 60 seconds as fast as you can. Completing the challenge within the time limit will provide you with some Mr. Fuzzy Tokens.


Dross Toss

To start the game, pick up the dross from the counter - in order to win, the objective is to throw doss into the used tires within the time limit.


Lucky Mucker

To calibrate this game, approach Zeke and he'll explain the rules. The objective is to place the coals into the scattered wheelbarrows around the park within the time limit - once you're ready, pick up the bucket of coal to start. Afterward, return to Zeke to complete the game.


Big Tokens! Big Prizes! I Love it!

Once you've calibrated all three games, your quest marker will update its location to the boss. Head back to the office and speak to him to complete the quest. In order to redeem items using the Mr. Fuzzy Tokens, you must remove the Camden Park uniform and then access the terminal beside the boss.




Notes & Notable Loot

  • Below is the list of rewards you can get for tokens:
Reward Cost
Mr. Fuzzy Pencil 5 Tokens
10 Paddle Ball Ammo 5 Tokens
Cotton Candy Bites 5 Tokens
Gumdrops 5 Tokens
Jumbo Mr. Fuzzy Plush 20 Tokens
Mr. Fuzzy Mining Helmet 20 Tokens
Paddle Ball 50 Tokens
Camden Whacker 50 Tokens
Super Comic Book 100 Tokens
Mr. Fuzzy Costume 150 Tokens
Mr. Fuzzy Costume Head 300 Tokens





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