Thrill of the Grill

Type Daily Quest
  • Cooking Recipe
  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item
  • Random Plan, Armor, Mod, or Weapon
  • Possible Legendary Weapons or Legendary Armor
Location Hemlock Holes
Prerequisites N/A
Time  N/A

Thrill of the Grill is a Daily Quest in Fallout 76. Daily Quests can provide various rewards from XP to caps.

These quests are displayed under the section "DAILY" of the Pip-Boy. They can be repeated every 24 hours.



Thrill of the Grill Objectives

  1. Gather food for the chef


Thrill of the Grill Locations


Thrill of the Grill Enemies

  • ????


Thrill of the Grill Walkthrough

To start this quest, head to Hemlock Holes Country Club and speak to the robot cook. You will learn that he is planning to have a cookout and reaches out for help to find "fresh" meat and vegetables.

The goal is to follow the marked locations on your map and to collect the required items - once you're done, go back to the robot cook and hand in the goods to complete the quest.


Notes & Notable Loot

  • ??




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    • Anonymous

      13 Jan 2019 04:58  

      I got 5x Tato's that spoiled before I got back. The quest still says I have 5x Tato's but the error message 'This grill is not ready' is very misleading.

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