Pass the Buck

Type Daily Quest
  • 200 XP
  • Nuclear Material
  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item
  • Random Plan, Armor, Mod, or Weapon
  • Possible Legendary Weapons or Legendary Armor

Location Grafton dam
Prerequisites N/A
Time  N/A

Pass the Buck is a Daily Quest in Fallout 76. Daily Quests can provide various rewards from XP to caps.

These quests are displayed under the section "DAILY" of the Pip-Boy. They can be repeated every 24 hours.



Pass the Buck Objectives

  1. Pick up three barrels
  2. (Optional) Sink the barrels (AGI 5)
  3. Dump the barrels


Pass the Buck Locations


Pass the Buck Enemies


Pass the Buck Walkthrough

To initiate the quest, head to Grafton Dam and you'll receive a transmission from Grafton's mayor instructing you to dispose of three toxic barrels. To do this, simply head around the lake and jump in to collect the three barrels, but before you head in, make sure you are stocked up with Radaway.

If you have (5) AGL, you can get rid of them on the spot. However, if you are under (5) AGL you will have to carry each barrel northwest of Hemlock Holes and place them in the dumpster. Whichever you choose, disposing of the barrels will complete the mission.


Notes & Notable Loot

  • Stock up with Radaway since the lake is filled with toxic waste.



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