Carry Weight is a Stat in Fallout 76. Stats affect various aspects of the game, like damage, resistances, health, action points, carry weight, amount of exp earned, number of perks available, etc.


Carry Weight Information

Indicates how much weight you can carry before becoming overencumbered. You can see your carry weight numbers on the bottom-left corner of your Pip-Boy. It is also shown in the UI in the world map (bottom right).

  • You know you are overencumbered when the Carry Weight icon turns red


What does Overencumbered do?

Becoming Overencumbered does NOT affect your movement speed until you are double the amount overloaded. However, if you become overencumbrered, your character suffers the following penalties:

  • You cannot Fast Travel
  • You cannot regenerate Action Points
  • You consume action points
  • V.A.T.S becomes unavailable due to lack of AP
  • If you become DOUBLE overencumbered, you can no longer move fast or run.


How to Avoid Becoming Overencumbered

First, increasing your Carry Weight is a great way to avoid this status. see below for tips.

  • If you have become overencumbered, you can drop some of the items you have picked up. When you do so, the items become available for other players to loot, and are discarded from the world when you log out.
  • You can also visit a Workshop and scrap Junk items
  • Several world locations have a My Stash Box - this allows you to send items to your bank and removes them from your inventory.
  • You can also craft a My Stash Box for your CAMP, or use the Stash crafted by another player as your own.


 Ways to increase Carry Weight



Notes and trivia about Carry Weight

  • Be careful: Taking Day Tripper chem will decrease your Strength by 2 for 10 minutes
  • ??



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