Minner Miracles

Rewards Excavator Power Armor Plans, Power Armor Workbench Plan
Location Garrahan Mining Headquarters
Prerequisites Complete misc quest "Discover Garrahan's Mining Innovation"

Minner Miracles is a Side Quest in Fallout 76. Side Quests can provide various of rewards from XP to caps. They are displayed under the section "SIDE" of the Pip-Boy.



Minner Miracles Objectives

  1. Investigate Garrahan Mining's Headquarters.
  2. Consult the Project Manager's Terminal.
  3. Building Excavator Power Armor


Minner Miracles Locations


Minner Miracles Enemies

  • ????


Minner Miracles Walkthrough


Admin Work

Cautiously proceed into Garrahan Mining Headquarters. This is due to the overwhelming presence of fragmentation mines on the path leading to the actual Headquarters. Inside you'll find a Terminal at the back, that you can select "Memo: Excavator Queries". After doing so, look for another Terminal -the Project Manager's- and access it to choose "Excavator Module Blueprints". This will provide you with the plans for the Excavator Power Armor.



The mission now is to craft the Excavator Power Armor by taking a Power Armor suit to a Power Armor Station. You will need some materials to do so:

  • Black Titanium
    • Can be found at the northwest in Lewisberg or directly north of Garrahan Mining Headquarters.
  • Nuclear Material

Once you've acquired everything, and taken it back to a Power Armor Station to craft your Excavator Power Armor, return to Garrahan Mining Headquarters. Register your armor to end the mission.



Notes & Notable Loot

  • ??



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