Bunker Buster

Type Main Quests
Rewards Deathclaw Gauntlet
Location Abandoned Waster Dump
Previously Quest Uncle Sam
Next Quest One of Us

Bunker Buster is a Main Quest in Fallout 76. The aim of this Main Quest is to search through Sam Buckwell's Bunker. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



Bunker Buster Objectives

  1. Search the area for a way inside the bunker.
  2. Search the cavern for the "Bypass Holotape".
  3. Use the "Bypass Holotape" to grant yourself access to the bunker.
  4. Enter the bunker.
  5. Explore the bunker.
  6. Find a way to bypass the bunker's laser grid.
  7. Register your handprint with the security system.
  8. Explore the bunker's secure room.
  9. Investigate the sound coming from the painting.
  10. Listen to the Holotape "Welcome to the Whitespring".


Bunker Buster Locations


Bunker Buster Enemies


Bunker Buster Walkthrough


Bunker Raider

At the northern area of the cave in the Abandoned Waste Dump, you'll find a body holding the Operation Summary - Blackwell Holotape, which reveals that there is a Bypass Holotape. This tape can be used to bypass Sam's Bunker's security system. There will be a few Deathclaw Nests around that are all have a chance of hiding it. Once you've fought off enough of those big boys, and located the correct nest containing the Bypass Holotape, loot it and return to the elevator you were so rudely denied access to.

When you enter the lift, to avoid getting that "access denied" text, bring out your Pipboy and become a hackerman by using the Bypass Holotape to gain access to the lift. Take it to Sam Blackwell's Bunker!


Sorry Samwell

Upon arriving, head downstairs and through the blue door, you'll encounter a dangerous laser grid. To disable it, head back up the stairs and leave the main room. Take a right then continue through the door to follow the path until you're met with a dead end. In this room, you'll find a big blue machine that can be hacked to disable the lasers, if you're adept enough at Hacking. If you're not, there is another way:

  • From the Blue Terminal room, head back until you're on an overhead walkway with broken railing. Use that gap to walk onto the vents and press the button to circuit conduit.
  • In the main bunker room, you'll find two washing machines, and next to them a closed circuit breaker. Open it and activate it.
  • Through the door on the other side of the main room, Head left to find and activate the Air Flue valve, found on a pipe above the red light.

If you've got the Hacking skills required, then hack the blue machinery; if you haven't, head back to the Terminal and perform a System Reboot. Either way, you'll have control of the entire operation.


Admin Work

A keypad can be found on a wall divider in the middle of the room, but you'll need to search through Sam's stuff to find his notes and crack it.

In the room, look through the cabinets to find the Senate Orientation Letter, Record of Divorce: The Blackwells, and Intelligence Memo - 8/16/77. With all of these, you'll have the code for the keypad so head back to it and input it. Once you have, look for a painting of a beach on the wall, indicated on your HUD. Investigate it and you'll receive the following items: Welcome to the Whitesping Holotape and the Congressional Access Card.

Finding these will bring an end to the mission at hand, and chuck you straight into the next.



Notes & Notable Loot



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