Flavors of Mayhem

Rewards Rose's Syringer, Black Diamond, Explosive Bait Recipe, Raider Headgear, (Plan: Double-Barrel Shotgun (needs second confirmation)
Location Beckwith Farm
Previous Quest Signal Strength
Next Quest Key to the Past

Flavors of Mayhem is a Main Quest. The aim of this Main Quest is to create a piece of Explosive Bait from the meat of a Karma-contaminated Bear, and make friends with an unlikely entity. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



Flavors of Mayhem Objectives

  1. Add a Karma Syringe Barrel Mod to Rose's Syringer.
  2. Shoot a Yao Guai with a Karma Syringe.
  3. Kill your target while it is affected by Karma.
  4. Craft Explosive Bait at any Tinker's Workbench.
    1. (Optional) Find materials to craft Explosive Bait.
  5. Use Explosive Bait on a creature.
  6. Approach a Deathclaw and "make friends".
    1. Either Kill or Escape it.
  7. Steal from a Super Mutant Camp.
  8. Kill a Feral Ghoul.
    1. (Optional) Equip the Cannibal Perk and Cannibalize a Feral Ghoul.
  9. Speak with Rose.


Flavors of Mayhem Locations


Flavors of Mayhem Enemies

  • ????


Flavors of Mayhem Walkthrough


Rose's Errandboy

At the Top of the World, use the marked Weapons Workbench. Use the modify option to build Rose's Syringer. Rose gives you all the parts needed to put it together. The next item on the agenda is to use Rose's Syringer, equipped with the Karma Syringe Barrel, to shoot a Yao Guai.


Bearer of Bad News

You can find a Yao Guai just north of Seneca Rocks Visitor Center. Shoot it with the Syringer then for 60 seconds, survive the frenzy the animal will experience. Once the Karma-high wears off, kill it. Once you do, your new objective is to craft a piece of Explosive Bait. To do this, locate the Tinker's Workbench which sits at the end of the objective marker.

Arrive at the workbench and there will be a container nearby, holding all the remaining components needed to craft the bait. Once at the workbench, you can find the Explosive Bait under the "Mines" category. Craft 1x Explosive Bait (requires 2x Adhesive, 1x Copper, 1x Fragmentation Mine, 1x Radstag Meat). Once you have that, you're ready for the next item on the agenda.


Breaking Barriers

Rose now wants you to make friends with a Deathclaw. You can pathetically attempt this by approaching it stealthily, and pressing the "Activate" button when it prompts. Of course this isn't going to work, and once you've cleared the objective, you have to make the decision to either flee or kill it. If it's already spotted you, might as well, just remember to create sufficient distance as it's most dangerous in melee distance.

Once you have dealt with the Deathclaw in whichever way you have, the next item on the itinerary is to steal from a Super Mutant Camp. We're not sure if Rose is trying to get you killed or not, but follow your objective marker and it will bring you to a footlocker within a Camp. In this container, you'll find a couple of items, including a freaking Missile Launcher.

Sneak out of the Super Mutant Camp and head o the southern area of the Savage Divide, which is south of The Whitespring Resort. Here, kill a couple of Feral Ghouls within the circle. Once you've done this, using the Cannibalize perk, eat the remains of the Ghouls to satisfy the last of Rose's requirements, for this quest. Head back up to her at the Top of the World.



Notes & Notable Loot

  • Make Rose's Syringer as soon as possible, as some of the parts can break over time and can be lost.
  • On your way to the Yao Guai, if you pass the Monogah, there will be a house you can search through to unlock the Someone to Talk To quest.
  • While you could just find any creature you can harvest meat from after shooting it with the Karma, Rose specifically demanded the Yao Guai.


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