Thirst Things First

Type Main Quests
Rewards Boiled Water
Location Flatwoods
Previous Quest First Contact
Next Quest Second Helpings

Thirst Things First is a Main Quest in Fallout 76. The aim of this Main Quest is to teach players how to obtain water and make it safe to consume. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



Thirst Things First Objectives

  1. Locate Kesha Mcdermott.
    1. (Optional) Search for her location in the system.
  2. Search for Kesha along the nearby river.
  3. Retrieve the water Testing Kit from Kesha Mcdermott.
  4. Test a sample of water from the river.
  5. Test a sample of water from Flatwood's water pumps.
  6. Analyze the water Testing Kit's results in Kesha's Lab.
  7. Boil Water using dirty water and wood fuel.
    1. (Optional) Collect dirty water.
    2. (Optional) Harvest Wood.
  8. Check in with the Self-Serve Kiosk.


Thirst Things First Locations


Thirst Things First Enemies


Thirst Things First Walkthrough


70% of You

From the Self-Registration Kiosk from First Contact, head westwards until you reach a river. Here, look around for Kesha's corpse. Once you locate it, search her and retrieve the Holodisk and Water Testing Kit. Collect some water from the river directly in front of you without stepping into it -to avoid the radiation.

Head down southwards to the Community Garden. When you arrive there, collect some more water from one of the two water pumps near the shed. Once you've done this, head all the way back to the church where you went to, upon your arrival at Flatwoods. At the back, you'll find a poor excuse of a lab where you'll find a diagnostic terminal -if you can't find it with the chalk writing pointing directly at it, then there is no helping you- which you can use to "Analyze Water Sample". When you do, you'll learn what you already know, which is that the water you've collected is no mucho bueno to drink. It needs to be cleansed via boilage so craft that Boiled Water (requires 2x Dirty Water, 1x Wood) at any Cooking Station.

If you're struggling with locating anything:

  • Find Dirty Water at the river or the wells behind the church.
  • Find Wood at the graveyard of the Church (north-ish).
  • Find a Cooking Station in the car park, south of the Tavern.

After completing this, head back to the kiosk in the Tavern to update your quest status.


Notes & Notable Loot

  • You must go through the the process of boiling water to complete this quest; finding ready-boiled water won't cut it.
  • The radiation in the river will only affect you if you step into it, so don't.
  • Note 3



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