Here to Stay

Type  Main Quest
Rewards  -
Location Foundation
Previously Quest The New Arrivals
Next Quest -

Here to Stay is a Quest in Fallout 76. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



Here to Stay Objectives

  1. ???
  2. ???


Here to Stay Locations


Here to Stay Enemies

  • ????


Here to Stay Walkthrough

Talk to Paige at Foundation. Find Aubrie's camp to the northwest of Vault 96, examine the dead bodies, and find the secluded cave with Aubrie in it. Return to Paige.



Notes & Notable Loot

  • Note 1
  • Note 2
  • Note 3
  • Loot 1
  • Loot 2
  • Loot 3


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